hello! my name is lina (it/its)

i first discovered Love Live! in 2015 when a friend put it on for us to make fun of at a sleepover. i ended up falling in love with the show, and when i got home the next day i binged the entire first season (lol)

i created this site to make a safe space for nijigaku fans to interact with other fans + discuss their love of the club free from NSFW content. i don't want anyone else to be hurt the way i was.

nijigaku brings me so much comfort + happiness. i hope to be able to share that love with others through this site.

what nijigaku means to me

"あの日から変わりはじめた世界." (the world began changing on that day) when TOKIMEKI Runners was first released, i was a few months into my senior year of high school. i'd seen the teaser images of nijigaku (called Perfect Dream Project back then), but i wasn't really interested in them. when i listened to TOKIMEKI Runners for the first time, i was blown away. the into/first 15 seconds gave me chills.

i was a ride-or-die μ's fan back then and believed them to be the superior group. i'd been their fan since i was 13 and wasn't about to be swayed by the newest group. still, something about that song stirred feelings in my heart. and they only got stronger as i listened to the solo songs. there was something unique about each song that i liked. i'll go into more detail in a later section. when Love Live! School Idol Festival ALL STARS came out, i immediately downloaded it. i enjoyed getting to learn about each indidvual member's motivations and dreams. it felt like i was really getting to know them. thinking about it now, I'm pretty sure the player character's interactions with the girls were scripted to come off that way XD

the first season of the nijigaku anime came out in 2020, and thats when my love for the group started to get serious. each episode revolved around a particular girl and featured a new solo song for them. i was so happy! when they sang 夢がここからはじまるよ (our dreams begin here) in the final episode, i actually teared up a bit. seeing yuu-chan's CV hinaki play the intro on the piano during the 3rd live made me smile. thats when i knew that nijigaku had become my all time favorite Love Live! group \(^o^)/

soon to come:

- list of my favorite love live characters, song, episodes, etc...
- links to shrines for μ's, aqours + liella
- collection page of merch
- links to other websites i enjoy