this website is a WIP, but i would like it to be a fansite to celebrate 虹ヶ咲学園スクールアイドル同好会 (Nijigasaki High School Idol Club aka nijigaku).
originally teased in 2017, nijigaku has gone on to become my favorite Love Live! group. i want to share my love for it with others
by (eventually) having their music and videos on this site. i haven't done much coding since high school, but i'm looking forward to picking it back up as i develop this page ^o^

club president's notes:

01-26-2024 I want to try getting back to work on this site. I know I keep saying that and then vanishing, but I mean it this time.

I think I do need to revert back to using signatures in place of the images on the 'meet the club' hub page. Or maybe use the starter cards from SIFAS? Speaking of which, I can't believe SIF2 is going to be shutting down! I've been anxiously awaiting the global release next month only to find out that it will just shut down in May. Still, I guess I should be grateful I get to play it at all? I miss SIFAS >-<

04-05-2023: hi everyone. i'm sorry i took a short break from this site. a lot is going on in my personal life right now. nijigaku + this site is something that makes me happy, so i'd like to try getting back to work on it. i don't want to give up on this site!

tomorin officially stepping down from the role of setsuna was also hard on me. we've known since october that she was going to eventually step down, but it still came as a shock when it happened. she's been the voice of setsuna for five's going to be hard adjusting to a new CV. i was listening to setsuna's first single CHASE! the other day when a specific line reached out to me: '高鳴る鼓動 信じる未来を ここに宿す' (my heart beating, i'll entrust the future i believe in here). i realized that even though my heart is hurting now, in the longrun this is for the best. i have to believe in this the way setsuna believes in herself and her dreams. i'll always have my fond memories of tomorin, those will never vanish. by stepping down, she no longer has to perform in incredible pain and can work on getting better. i have to keep my heart open and i will try my best to do so ♡

03-10-2023: signature links on the 'meet the club' hub page were changed to the paintings from NEO SKY, NEO MAP

03-09-2023: the site has been up for a week now! really exciting ^o^ i think instead of signature's linking to individual pages i'm going to use pics

03-08-2023: i'm not allowing myself to work on anything else until i make yuu-chan's signature

03-07-2023: statistics added to individual pages. i'm not looking forward to updating setsuna's CV at the end of the month. tomorin, i'm going to miss you so much ♡♡♡
image link to home page created. wow! 100 hits! thank you everyone n_n

03-06-2023: basic pages created for sub-units (no content yet) images added to individual
pages. longer bios written out in notes app, just have to transfer them over to the site ^^b

03-05-2023: made a 88x31 button! wrote a little bit more in the
about + decorated individual pages (one sentence of content ><)

03-04-2023: image links to idols individual pages (no content yet) created. homepage organized + bg added. i'd like to make a signature for yuu-chan too

03-03-2023: favicon added. image links to 'about' page + 'meet the club' hub page added. created a guestbook.

03-02-2023: site created. i'm surprised the username was free. lucky day i guess ^o^
basic pages for the first 9 idols created (no content yet)

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